As a professional, whether you are a Doctor, a Lawyer, a CPA, a Chiropractor, etc. you know that even with a lucrative practice, you only get paid when you treat patients or help clients. More and more professionals are realizing the value of having a second income that is residual - where they get paid monthly even when they are not working, and they are joining referral marketing companies. They see the wisdom of having more than one source of income.


They see referral marketing as a way to spend more time with family, retire in style and secure their families financial independence. And in many cases they see Network marketing as a way to supplement their income so they can do what they love - help more people and not have to worry about income.


With today’s economy, millions of people are considering alternatives for earning money. As a result The1DollarThing is on the brink of a gigantic wave that will financially change the lives of thousands and thousands of people all across the globe.


Referral Marketing is the perfect way to secure financial security for you, your family, and your business.


We’d like to invite you to join The1DollarThing where you have the potential to turn a monthly membership fee of just $1.00 into a monthly commission check of over $7,000.00.


We are a group of like-minded entrepreneurs working together to create multiple streams of income and find true Financial Freedom for ourselves and for others.


You know that TIMING IS EVERYTHING!  You are in the right place at the right time. Become part of this Terrific Opportunity today.


The right time is NOW

The right Opportunity is The1DollarThing

The1DollarThing is designed for everyone - anywhere in the world!

No Learning curve - no experience necessary

We have done our research and has helped people around the world who empower all kinds of backgrounds and experiences.  We've found that ANYONE can earn a very lucrative income working in their spare time while continuing to do what they already do.  In most cases, EVERYONE would like to provide just a little bit more money for their household budget, they want just a little bit more time for their family and friends, they want to live just a little bit of what they dream of, basically, most people want just a little bit more!  The1DollarThing is just a little bitty dollar that can give you all those little bitty things you want!


Think about it - The Networker wants to help more people in their primary business - The College Students wants to graduate without thousands of dollars in debt - The Waitress want better hours and time off their feet - The Business Owner wants to pay off all those bills for all the equipment they need - The Truck Driver who wants more time at home.  The1DollarThing is here to help everyone - anywhere!

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